About our Program

Pueblo Crime Stoppers Inc. was started in June 1983 by a group of concerned citizens and business people in Pueblo.  Pueblo Crime Stoppers is a citizen run 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.  There are no government funds used in the operation of Crime Stoppers.  Since Pueblo Crime Stoppers began, tips to our program have lead to over 2,700 arrests, over 4,000 cases cleared, over $316,000 in rewards paid and over $25 million dollars in property and narcotics recovered. 

25 homicides have been cleared with the help of Pueblo Crime Stoppers!

Mission Statement

Our Mission is simple....






Who is Involved

Crystal Estrada      President
Paulette Sanchez      Vice President
Janet Sisneros      Secretary
Barb DiMatteo      Treasurer
Kim Gonzales      Board Member at Large
Chuck Granato      Board Member - Past President
Donna Esquibel      Board Member
Kattie Aguirre      Board Member
Justin Dunsworth      Board Member
Ike Hepburn      Board Member
Brandon Henderson      Board Member
Crystal Soto      Board Member
Shaylee Vicars      Board Member
Jessica Martinez      Board Member
Mary Mangino      Board Member
Michelle Sterling      Board Member
Det. Jeff Shay      Coordinator, Pueblo Police Department
Chief Chris Noeller      Advisory Member, Pueblo Police Department
DA Jeff Chostner      Advisory Member, 10th Judicial District Attorney's Office
Sheriff David Lucero      Advisory Member, Pueblo County Sheriff`s Office
Sgt. Tom Taylor      Advisory Member, Colorado State Patrol
Judge Carla Sikes      Advisory Member, Pueblo Municipal Court
DDA Will Finkelstein      Staff Member, 10th Judicial District Attorney's Office
Undersheriff Steve Bryant      Staff Member, Pueblo County Sheriff`s Office
Deputy Chief Joe Garcia      Staff Member, Pueblo Police Department
Deputy Chief James Martin      Staff Member, Pueblo Police Department
Capt. Cody Wager      Staff Member, Pueblo Police Department
Lt. Clifford Kindred      Staff Member, Pueblo County Sheriff`s Office
Sgt. Chris Flores      Staff Member, Pueblo Police Department
Sgt. Stephen Perez      Staff Member, Pueblo Police Department
Sgt. Samuel Wolfe      Staff Member, Pueblo County Sheriff`s Office
PO Leo Gordon      Staff Member, Colorado Department of Corrections
Ofc. Roger Schneider      Staff Member, Pueblo Police Department
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